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See Something, Say Something: Shopping Etiquette

The other time this slogan goes into effect…During a sale at a New York City flagship. Because we are not in suburbia, ladies…

When you are in an epic line to pay and a girl “hops in” with her friend when you’re nearly at the register. And then doesn’t go up to pay at the same time as her friend. See something, Say something. Something along the lines of, “Oh I thought you were together since you cut me in line! You should be with her because the next register that opens up is mine!”

The approving eye contact and knowing nod of one listening sales associate will be all you need to feel sure you’ve done your daily duty to deal-hunting New Yorkers, old and new alike.

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My Black Friday Diaries

I need to come clean. It’s been a week and this is still weighing on my mind. You see, today I was wearing a great new pair of Kelly green skinny jeans and, well, it just kept coming up. So I’ve nothing left to do but confess.

Last Friday, the 25th of Novemeber a.k.a. Day of Chaos, I, great critic of crowded sidewalks and bumbling tourists, joined the American masses, ventured out while the sun was still rising in the sky and shopped. That’s right, I Black Fridayed.

I hadn’t planned to and I never have before (I swear! You can ask my mom!) but when the email from my One True Love (Anthropologie) came to my inbox saying the magic words (50% off all Sale items) I knew what I had to do. I set my alarm like it was a regular work day, donned my baddest “I actually live here” outfit and headed out into the great twinkling wilderness of Rockefeller Center.

The sun was shining gently on the waking city; the flags above the skating rink flapped playfully in the breeze; my heart was beating like a hummingbird as I walked skipped the last block to the store.

And you know what?

It was MARVELOUS! I felt like it was Night at the Museum, except it was dawn and I played Ben Stiller and my favorite store was the set–it was sneaky, illicit, majestic, an inside joke I was in on. The racks upon racks of sale items were gloriously displayed throughout the lower level and (could it be, among New Yorkers?) there was a feeling of actual cameraderie ricocheting off of the shabby-chic walls.

While I’m not going to tell you what I did after I left with my bounty, suffice it to say that this new New Yorker would (and will) do it all again next year.

(Okay if you’re going to drag it out of me, I popped by the plaza to check in on the Today Show. You probably saw my smug mug on camera because this new New Yorker is not too cool for school! Hi Matt, Hi Ann!)

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